Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pink and White flowers

These are some of the options I have for the pink and white flowers.  They are photographed against the toddler size white hat so that you will get a sense of the scale of the flower in proportion to the hat.  These were taken at night with less than optimal lighting, so if there are any that you would like a better picture of, I won't be offended.

#1.  This is actually the flower that was in the listing for the white hat on the baby that was standing.  It is a medium shade of pink with layers of white and pink in the middle and a large crystal in the center.

#2.  The outer petals on this one are a pale pink.  They are followed by a layer of white petals.  It is hard to see in the picture, but the white petals actually have a little bit of white glitter on the edges.  There are small darker pink petals in the middle with a white pearl.

#3.  This is a smaller option for you if you feel like the bigger flowers would overwhelm the child's face.  It also has a different petal shape besides the daisy.  The white petals are the same glitter accented ones that I described above.  The center pearl is pink.  The pearl is actually a much more subtle pink than it looks in this picture because it reflected the flash when I took the picture.

#4.  This one is a light pink daisy.  The white petals have a really ruffled look.  The center is actually a vintage button from my mom's old button jar.  It is a pink button with a pearlized finish and a really neat texture.  Unfortunately, you can't see any of that in the photo because it reflected my flash.  I won't be offended if you want me to take a better picture in natural light when the sun comes up.

#5.  This is a pale pink flower.  There are a few white daisy petals topped with more pink petals.  The center is a fun brad with a pink and white geometric design.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ginormous Flowers

I love this dress!  It is one of my favorite creations that Amy has made.  Unfortunately, the day of our photo shoot, I don't think Chloe was feeling the love.  The really sad thing is that she was the happier of the two babies the day of the photo shoot.  Despite the miserable baby in the picture, people seem to recognize how cute the dress is.  This week, I have been tasked with making a flower to match this dress for a baby shower.  The person wanted a pink flower that was 2-3" big.  She likes a pearl in the center and liked the peony style better than the gerber daisy.  These are the options I came up with.

 #1:  This is a hot pink flower with a large white pearl in the center.  The bright pink is a close match to the pink flowers in the print.

#2  This flower is in the same style as the first one, but it is a lighter pink.  I used a pearl with a peachy tone to bring out the oranges in the print.

#3:  This one is a little out of the box, but I just couldn't help myself.  This is the same hot pink as the first one, but there is a cluster of orange ruffly petals in the center with a peachy pearl.  I just love how the orange and the pink coordinate with the dress.

#4  This is a lighter pink to contrast with the fabric.  The petals are a little more pointy than the other options.  The center is actually a brad that is covered in a light fabric that has a really neat texture.  I wish I had the photography skills to show off the center, but you will just have to use your imagination.
#5:  This is made from the same type of peony that little Chloe is wearing in the photo, but I only used the smaller center petals so that it wouldn't be as huge.   It has a white pearl in the center.  I do have a couple of the full size ones just like the one in the photo that have either a clear gemstone center or a glittery white center.  They are cute, but they are also big.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

red flowers

All of these flowers are a deep red.  I photographed them on the hats so that you would see what they look like together. 

Choice #1:  This flower has lots of petals.  It has a metal brad in the center that is black with a silver leaf motif.

Choice #2:  This is the same type of flower as above.  It also has a metal brad in the center.  The brad is edged with silver and has a black and ivory floral motif in the center.

Choice #3:  This is a deep red daisy with a large crystal in the center.

Choice #4:  This is a deep red daisy-like flower with a large crystal in the center.  It is similar to the one above, but it is a bit smaller if you prefer a smaller flower on the baby sized hat.  It also has fuller petals.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Chef Nadia

 When I am at a show, I always hear, at least a dozen times, "These are so cute, but what do you do with them?"  They are toys!  You play with them!  I guess most adults have just completely lost their imagination and don't know what to do with a toy that doesn't talk or light up or tell you how to play with it.  But I love watching kids with my toys.  They instinctively know exactly what to do.  My little Nadia was the perfect example of this at our recent photo shoot.

 We had so much fun.  We dressed her up in a cute apron and chef hat that Amy made and set her up with some cupcakes and all of the fixings to make them and she went to work while Melinda took pictures.
 First, she poured the flour into the bowl.

Then she broke some eggs into the bowl.
Then she tossed a cupcake with a spatula and whisk, like it was a salad.

When she was done, TA DA!  She was so proud of the pan of cupcakes that she had made and was eager to share them with anyone who would pretend to eat her creation.   

I wish everyone who wonders how to use my toys could see Nadia play with them for a few minutes.  They would realize that an imagination is way more fun than any video game on the market.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Red Flowers

These are the options I have for you for red flowers.  Sorry about the poor photography.  This is why I try to use professional photos whenever possible.
 Choice #1:  This is a deep red daisy type flower with a crystal center.  This is the same center that will be in the pink peony flower. 
 Choice #2:  This flower has a metal accent in the center that is black and silver.  If you like the flower shape, but not the center, I have this flower available with several different centers.
 Choice #3:  This deep red daisy has a square, embossed metal center.
 Choice #4:  I photographed this one on the black hat so that you could see the details of the white layers of petals.  This one has a circular embossed metal center.
Choice #5:  This is the only shape of flower that I have in the brighter red color.  I do have several of this type.  They all have some kind of red center like the one shown.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Swiss Days!!!

I got a really unexpected phone call last night.  It was Doug, letting my know that he had a spot for me at Swiss Days.  If you have never been, Swiss Days is a huge festival up in Midway that takes place every Labor Day weekend.  Huge throngs of people show up and eat Bavarian food while shopping for handcrafted items.  Crafters come from all over the west to sell their goods at this show.  The competition to get in is pretty steep.  Amy and I applied in the spring, but we were placed on the alternate list.  We figured we would never hear from them again, so we moved on to plan B for our show schedule and booked other shows.  Some of our plans fell through when we didn't get our application in on time for Peach Days and it sold out.  We have spent the past couple of days trying to piece together a Plan C.  Then, the phone rang. 

I just about passed out when I got that phone call last night.  I called Amy and asked what she wanted to do.  We crunched the numbers and ran scenarios through our mind to decide if we could be ready for a show of that gigantic magnitude in just two weeks.  We decided that fate had stepped in and we would skip some of the smaller fall shows so that we could do Swiss Days and still be ready for the Family Christmas Showcase in November.  

This means that I will need to crochet until my fingers fall off for the next couple of weeks, but I am really excited to be doing some of these bigger shows this fall!  I swear everything in my life happens for a reason.  Be sure to check out my revised show schedule on the sidebar of my blog so that you will know where to find me! 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Country Carousel Boutique

I will be in Utah County next week for the Country Carousel Boutique.  This show has been around for 25 years!  I did it two years ago, but I wasn't able to do it last year because my twins were only a few weeks old and I wasn't feeling ambitious enough to do a big show quite yet.   

The show takes place at Provo High School and should have some really fun vendors.  You can look here for more information about what kind of vendors will be at the show.  It will also have the address and hours for the show. Amy and I have grand plans for our booth- it will be really cute!  We are going with a late summer red gingham/sunflower theme.  I am excited to see it all together.  It doesn't matter how many times we put our "Princess Shack" up.  I always get excited to see her. 

This will also be the big debut of my crochet purses!  I found a great hat stand at the DI to hold my purses for me.  We named him Timothy.  After a little TLC, he is looking awesome and is ready to make his first public appearance.   I will post pictures of Timoths and my new purses in a couple of days.  Right now, I need to get busy tagging all of my stuff for the show.  It's going to be a long night...